Recommended Agatha Christie TV Adaptations

I was recently asked by the official Agatha Christie website to put together a list of television adaptations that I recommend. Although the title says they’re my ‘favourite’, they aren’t necessarily (although several are) – instead, I put together a nice variety to keep people amused and entertained while stuck indoors.

You can read the article here.

New (very short!) article: In Media Res

I recently took part in an Agatha Christie themed week over at In Media Res, a scholarly blog that specialises in bite-sized articles that ‘curate’ something – perhaps a clip, or a film poster. I decided to curate the trailer for the Margaret Rutherford film Murder She Said – surprisingly difficult to do when you only have about 350 words to play with!

You can find the article here. Of course, you can find out even more about the Margaret Rutherford films in my book, Agatha Christie on Screen, which you can order here or from your retailer of choice.